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I started yoga with Laura at her studio a year ago. I'd never done yoga before. I've been coming twice a week all year and this summer I have been coming 5 times a week because I'm determined to become fitter.
Since I have started yoga I feel more relaxed, stronger, and more limber.  I seem to be more focused in the moment.
 Laura's instructions about yoga helps me in aligning my body and overall it makes me  feel better. Linda S.



​Yoga classes are all beginning level with progressions and modifications appropriate for older adults. 




       What To Expect

Classes are beginning level with progressions and modifications appropriate for older adults.

​​​Introducing fundamental yoga concepts and poses suitable for beginners and ongoing students. We begin with gentle movement on the mat to activate joints, warm up and tune in to our bodies. I work sequentially through the limbs and spine as we move slowly and consciously into our personal range of motion. Attention is given to the breath throughout our practice to support movement and help focus. The warm up is followed by a standing series, a balance, wind- down and savasana (resting lying down for at least 5 minutes). Structure, alignment, and breath are key elements in the poses and flow series. Balances are an important part of each class, with time given for instruction and practice. A 5-7 minute seated meditation is part of the 1.25 hour class.


Deb. T

I am in my early 60s, and retired from my job, which involved a lot of sitting at a desk doing computer work, as well as a fairly long commute.  I have a tendency towards neck, shoulder and hip stiffness, and find that practicing yoga is relaxing, making me feel better physically as well as calming mentally.  I was happy to find out about Laura Harris’ studio when I was looking to start doing yoga again.  The studio is a lovely, quiet space and I find the classes are well-structured and easy to follow.   I definitely benefit from doing yoga; after missing class for a week I was feeling stiff, but felt improvement after only one session.  Laura is very observant and encouraging during practice, offering helpful hints to improve poses that challenge me.   So glad I discovered Hatha Spirit Yoga Studio. Deb T.



Evening classes not offered.   

Mon/Tue/Wed (7:00 - 800 pm)

Thur (7:30 - 8:30 pm)

 10 class pass/$100/10 weeks.  Valid for session purchased only. Make-up classes permitted

*please note time changes*

July 15 - 26 and after August 9

Mon/ Wed/Thu (10 - 11:15 am)

Friday (11:00 am - 12:15 pm)

July 2 - July 12 & July 29 - August 9

Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri (1:30 - 2:45pm)

 1.25 hr/$130/10 class pass.

Chair Assisted Yoga

No class July 3, 10, 31 and August 7

Wednesday (11:30 am - 12:30)

   5 classes/$50 or 10 classes/$100


Chair Assisted Yoga

with exercises for strength conditioning

Weds (11:30am-12:30pm)

 5 weeks/$50 or 10 weeks/$100

 ​What to Expect:

​A chair-assisted class offering a holistic and functional approach to boost overall well-being. An overview of the class follows:

Opening: We begin seated, warming up the joints, the muscles, and the brain, preparing for more active movement. Chair dancing!

Strengthening: Using resistance bands or light handheld weights, strengthening exercises for arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and legs. 

Balance: Exercises for leg strength, flexibility and range of motion, for balance. Tips and techniques to assist with balance. 

Flexibility: stretching, yoga poses and gentle flow series (like the sun salutation) with the support of a chair. Yoga poses are customized to the unique needs of each student. 

Relaxation: guided visualization, meditation 


  • Do you want to maintain upper body and core strength?
  • Need to work on your balance?
  • Interested in learning exercises you can practice at home for better results?
  • Enjoy a smaller-sized class in a pleasant setting?
  • Prefer to have expert and personalized instruction for safety and comfort?


 306 292-7534

I've been going to Laura's chair yoga sessions for almost three years now, and its become part of my life. The sessions are relaxing yet invigorating, balance improves, and any muscle tightness gently releases. Laura guides us through movements that are adapted for our particular problem, be it stiff knees like I have after knee replacements, or sore shoulders, or back problems...we each do our own version of each movement and pose, and with Laura's encouragement we learn to maximize the benefits of each movement.  Camille, yoga student.

I have attended Laura's Therapeutic Yoga Class for three years.  I suffer from chronic back pain and before I discovered this class I wasn't able to exercise much, I was getting stiff and my balance wasn't as good as it had been.  I discovered that stretching with the various yoga poses I learned has increased my flexibility, balance and posture.  I have learned to breath in a healthful way and use meditation to relax my tensed muscles.
Donna Herman